Friday, March 07, 2008 makes call-recording easy but pricey - makes call-recording easy but pricey -

The story was about recording traditional phone calls. However, I was wondering about what's happening on the VOIP front. Since it is all network traffic, that shouldn't be hard. So, I find gazillion companies offering that!

This brings up an interesting question. Office workers often make choices to communicate with their colleagues with email, phone, call or just walk over to other offices. If I have a VOIP business phone,  why can't I just use the phone as a universal recorder to record my conversations and offer transcript as a Blog post. 

How about a finger print reader on the phone so that participants of the conversation are readily identified in the transcript?

Also, how about grabbing familiar tags matching "corporate vocabulary" so that the transcript can be categorized properly. For example, a Wiki could be posted with all the right categories.

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