Thursday, July 23, 2009

Having trouble with getting Seagate/WD External USB drive 1.5 TB to work with your PS3?

It seems Sony PS3 supports only FAT32 and the external drive comes pre-formatted with NTFS. So, after franatic search on blogs (and Seagate is *NO* help), finally figured out that they do have a tool called Disc Wizard to do this.

Warning: This is pre-programmed to work only their products.

Once you download and install this, connect the USB drive, startup the app.

Remove the existing partition (this will remove all existing contents on your drive, so be sure be very sure) and the tool offers formatting types. Choose FAT32. It takes about a couple of minutes and you are done!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On a second thought, about this Google Chrome OS thing…

Some are even saying that this is a phony little war that doesn't hurt anyone. Since the just announced OS is vaporware at this point and mostly targeting for netbooks in the near future, Microsoft's immediate revenue is not in any danger. However, you can count on Microsoft throwing counterpunches to nullify low-end threat the Chrome OS poses.

Even with mobile phones, Microsoft gained marketshare in 2008/2009 and even outsold iPhone believe it or not. Android phones are just starting to come out, so we will have to see how big they are going to be. As for the netbooks, it is reported very recently that Windows XP ships in 96% of netbooks sold worldwide, up 10% from a year ago. Linux originally had good momentum, but it is losing steam due to a combination of users preferring familiarity of Windows and Microsoft's deft use of pricing and its size. It just shows how Microsoft fights back.

Also, note that Google says first netbook with Chrome OS is not out until 2010H2 and Windows 7 (which is expected to be netbook friendly) is due out in a few months. Microsoft would have the netbook market for 1 full year. I think all this adds up to moves and countermoves [at least for now].

Otherwise, Chrome OS better be one sweet friggin doozy.

Google Chrome OS, eh?

I wonder what this will do to 'organizing world's information' motto. Isn't there a danger of just trying to become another Microsoft? trying to do too many things and not doing anything really well? Despite being a huge fan of Google, I am skeptical of this if this is just to attack Microsoft from a different front. Just as I don't see Microsoft as a search expert, I am skeptical of Google being OS provider. what's the overall strategy goal?

Could it be that Google is just trying to protect its search domain? One thing we know is that mobile internet based search is growing much more rapidly than that of PCs. If your bread and butter depends on search, you have to dominate mobile world as well. Ergo, the Google family of mobile OSes. I think this is probably the reason than Novell grade hate of Microsoft that's driving the OS development. what do you think?