Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google Chrome OS, eh?

I wonder what this will do to 'organizing world's information' motto. Isn't there a danger of just trying to become another Microsoft? trying to do too many things and not doing anything really well? Despite being a huge fan of Google, I am skeptical of this if this is just to attack Microsoft from a different front. Just as I don't see Microsoft as a search expert, I am skeptical of Google being OS provider. what's the overall strategy goal?

Could it be that Google is just trying to protect its search domain? One thing we know is that mobile internet based search is growing much more rapidly than that of PCs. If your bread and butter depends on search, you have to dominate mobile world as well. Ergo, the Google family of mobile OSes. I think this is probably the reason than Novell grade hate of Microsoft that's driving the OS development. what do you think?

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